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About US

We are Mike and Jamie Dupris, and together we are:  Dupris Photography.

Mike enjoys shooting glamour, fashion, modeling, portraiture, lifestyle, avant-garde technique and style for fun. Mike’s favorite shoots are those that tell a story, are artistic or convey emotion.  Mike knows how athletic modeling can be and is considerate to that during the shoot.

Jamie has worked both sides of the lens.  Her background includes modeling with pin-up being her favorite style. Jamie, the model, enjoys dressing up and experimenting with different hair and makeup. Jamie, the photographer, loves portraiture, black and white, pin-up, glamour, boudoir, family and so on.

What we are interested in:  high end art, glamour, vintage photography & technique.  What we are not:  gimmicks, weddings and über-post processing.  

We enjoy people and capturing their beauty. We love and take the creative process seriously and welcome input.  It should be added that we are not so serious that we have a strict set of rules or guidelines –we are totally ok with risk taking!  We love the excitement of creating wonderful photos together. We enjoy finding the natural beauty everyone possesses. Finding and capturing your natural character bringing you to life on film is what we look for and try to do every shoot.

When we look at our pictures we see our performance.  Each picture has a story behind it.  Every person has their own canvas and it is fantastic to see their image come to life.  When we can change the smallest of things staying true to our client's form it is always fulfilling to see someone moved by their own image.

We enjoy creating high-end imagery using little to no photo manipulation –this means the people in our portfolio actually do look the way we shoot them.  We are firm believers in portraying people as they are and that everyone has it in them to be fantastic in print.

We feel that Dupris Photography is the beauty within you.

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